Nicky's Mission Foundation

What We Do

Our Work

Availability of source of clean water, good food, clothing for helpless children desperately in need of them is a simple gesture of kindness that stays in the mind of the neediest children momentarily. This is what Nicky’s Mission Foundations stands for.


Gold and Diamond must be polished to spell out their true value. No children are born medical doctors, nurses, IT professionals, Engineers but access to qualitative education place children in the most deprived towns, villages and suburbs in the circle of tomorrow’s leaders. Nicky’s Mission Foundations(NMF) is indeed on a mission to support the most vulnerable children in Africa and other continents in the quest towards making this a reality.

Food Aid

We fund multiple food aid programs throughout the world. In the developed world we are always thinking of having more and generally not content with what we have. We have easily accessible food, water, housing, medical care. We live better than the Kings, Queens and Emperors of less than a century ago. People in many countries have to spend a whole day just for meal of their family. We want to help ease that burden by providing aid so people in places we often cannot imagine can have a better and joyful life.

Medical Care

Health is the basic problem of most african zones due to lack of facilities & essentials of life. Medical palliative for the sick is a restoration of hope of living for tomorrow which ultimately leads to destiny fulfilment- Part of the primary mission of NMF establishment.