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Nicky’s Mission Foundation(NMF) is a registered charity in the UK and Wales with sole interest of humanity on mind. We are established to providing a not for profit humanitarian support to vulnerable people in Nigeria, in the UK and across Africa. N.M.F is on a mission to providing social and educational support to young children and youth and also supporting less privileged adult around the world. Our charity is set to continuously funding live changing programs geared toward eradication of poverty around the world.


We’re striving towards putting smiles on the faces of the most deprived people in Africa, United Kingdom and all over the world. No children, adolescents, fully-fledged adult and old person deserves to live in poverty and penury, no matter where nature places them. This is the creed upon which Nicky’s Mission Foundations(NMF) is built upon.

We aim to act as the intermediary and agent to bid Bye-Bye to poverty all across the world, though we know there are huddles in the path of the actualization of our aim but believing in the fundamental principle of the establishment of NMF and with the unrelenting support and the back up from good-hearted like-minded people and networks, we strongly believe we will achieve this humanitarian goals collectively!

Helping Children

Focus on reaching the most vunerable children, to benefit all children, everywhere.

Global Family

Promoting the right and wellbeing of every less privileged family in africa & other countries.


Nicky’s Mission Foundation holds a verified charity status in England & Wales so all of your support will be tax-deductible

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